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  • L. T. Ryan: The Depth of Darkness
    Find under post "Falling into . . . The Depth of Darkness".
  • Brenda S. Anderson: Pieces of Granite
    Find under post "The broken . . . Pieces of Granite".
  • Steven James: Checkmate
    Find under post "Finally a . . . Checkmate".
  • Dan Walsh: When Night Comes
    Find under post "Waiting for . . . When Night Comes".
  • Brad Thor: Path of the Assassin
    Find under post "Following the . . . Path of the Assassin".
  • Karin Kaufman : The Sacrifice
    Find under post "Ending . . . The Sacrifice".
  • Heidi McCahan: Unraveled
    Find under post "When it's all . . . Unraveled".
  • L. T. Ryan: Never Go Home
    Find under post "Should he . . . Never Go Home".
  • Gina Holmes: Driftwood Tides
    Find under post "Counting on . . . Driftwood Tides".
  • T. E. George: The Source
    Find under post "Deciphering . . . The Source".
  • L. T. Ryan: Noble Intentions (Season Three)
    Find under post "Attempting . . . Noble Intentions (Season Three)".
  • Brad Thor: Act of War
    Find under post "Avoiding an . . . Act of War".
  • Creston Mapes: Sky Zone
    Find under post "Aiming for the . . . Sky Zone".
  • Charles Martin: Unwritten
    Find under post "Broken and . . . Unwritten".
  • L. T. Ryan: Noble Intentions (Season Two)
    Find under post "With . . . Noble Intentions".
  • L. T. Ryan: Noble Intentions - Season One
    Find under post "Are they really . . . Noble Intentions".
  • L. T. Ryan: Thin Line
    Find under post "Seems like such a . . . Thin Line".
  • Chris Fabry: Every Waking Moment
    Find under post "Experiencing . . . Every Waking Moment".
  • L. T. Ryan: A Deadly Distance
    Find under post "Within . . . A Deadly Distance".
  • L. T. Ryan: Noble Beginnings
    Find under post "Hoped for . . . Noble Beginnings".
  • Nike Chillemi: Harmful Intent
    Find under post "With . . . Harmful Intent".
  • Toni Anderson: Dangerous Waters
    Find under post "Sunk in . . . Dangerous Waters".
  • Heather Day Gilbert: Miranda Warning
    Find under post "A strange threat in the . . . Miranda Warning".
  • J. R. Rain: Silent Echo
    Find under post "Hearing that . . . Silent Echo".
  • J. A. Jance: Skeleton Canyon
    Find under post "Unexpected death in . . . Skeleton Canyon".
  • Brandilyn Collins: Double Blind
    Find under post "Experiencing . . . Double Blind".
  • Katie Ganshert: A Broken Kind of Beautiful
    Find under post "Enduring . . . A Broken Kind of Beautiful".
  • Victoria Bylin: Until I Found You
    Find under post "No peace . . . Until I Found You".
  • Linda Leigh Hargrove: The Making of Isaac Hunt
    Find under post "Remaking . . . The Making of Isaac Hunt".
  • Francine Rivers: Bridge to Haven
    Find under post "Taking the . . . Bridge to Haven".
  • Winter Austin: Reckoning
    Find under post "A final . . . Reckoning".
  • Brandilyn Collins: Sidetracked
    Find under post "The dangers of getting . . . Sidetracked".
  • Brenda S. Anderson: Chain of Mercy
    Find under post "Taking up that . . . Chain of Mercy".
  • Harry Kraus: Lip Reading
    Find under post "Listening to . . . Lip Reading".
  • Charles Martin: Wrapped in Rain
    Find under post "Soaked in love and . . . Wrapped in Rain".
  • Lisa Samson: The Sky Beneath My Feet
    Find under post "Feeling . . . The Sky Beneath My Feet".
  • Sibella Giorello: Stone and Spark
    Find under post "The answers in . . . Stone and Spark".
  • Jessica E. Thomas: This Quiet Tyranny
    Find under post "A slave to . . . This Quiet Tyranny".
  • Creston Mapes: Poison Town
    Find under post "Living in a . . . Poison Town".
  • Davis Bunn: Strait of Hormuz
    Find under post "The ruse at the . . . "Strait of Hormuz".
  • Steven James: Singularity
    Find under post "Trying for . . . Singularity".
  • Winter Austin: Revenge
    Find under post "Set for . . . Revenge".
  • Brandilyn Collins: Dark Justice
    Find under post "Seeing in the . . . Dark Justice".
  • Chris Kyle: American Sniper
    Find under post "The Renowned . . . American Sniper".
  • Cathleen Armstrong: Welcome to Last Chance
    Find under post "An unexpected . . . Welcome to Last Chance".
  • Captain Jeff Struecker/Alton Gansky: Certain Jeopardy
    Find under post "Almost . . . Certain Jeopardy".
  • James Scott Bell: Blind Justice
    Find under post "It's only . . . Blind Justice".
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald: Tender Is the Night
    Find under post "Remembering reading . . . Tender Is the Night".
  • Steven James: The King
    Find under post "So who is . . . The King".
  • K. T. Kaufman: All Souls
    Find under post "Evaluating . . . All Souls".
  • C. J. Darlington: Ties That Bind
    Find under post "Discovering . . . Ties That Bind".
  • Creston Mapes: Fear Has A Name
    Find under post "When . . . Fear Has A Name".
  • Harry Kraus: An Open Heart
    Find under post "Creating . . . An Open Heart".
  • Winter Austin: Retribution
    Find under post "Partial . . . Retribution".
  • Robert Liparulo: The Judgment Stone
    Find under post "Touching . . . The Judgment Stone".
  • Normandie Fischer: Becalmed
    Find under post "Becoming . . . Becalmed".
  • Becky Wade: Undeniably Yours
    Find under post "Proving to be . . . Undeniably Yours".
  • Alton Gansky: Wounds
    Find under post "Open . . . Wounds".
  • Tosca Lee: Iscariot, A Novel of Judas
    Find under post "The life and death of . . . Iscariot".
  • Aleshia Robinson: Alcatraz, The Lost Pearl
    Find under post "Lost in . . . Alcatraz, The Lost Pearl".
  • Chris Fabry: Borders of the Heart
    Find under post "Finding the . . . Borders of the Heart".
  • Gina Holmes: Wings of Glass
    Find under post "Escaping with . . . Wings of Glass".
  • Karin Kaufman: Sparrow House
    Find under post "A short visit to . . . Sparrow House".
  • Winter Austin: Relentless
    Find under post "Being . . . Relentless".
  • Ward Tanneberg: Redeeming Grace
    Find under post "Finding the way to . . . Redeeming Grace".
  • Laura Gallier: The Delusion
    Find under post "Succumbing to . . . The Delusion".
  • Athol Dickson: January Justice
    Find under post "Attaining . . . January Justice".
  • Travis Thrasher: Hurt
    Find under post "Hurt . . . but healed."
  • Vince Flynn: The Last Man
    Find under post "He is . . . The Last Man".
  • Kristen Heitzmann: The Breath of Dawn
    Find under post "Inhaling . . . The Breath of Dawn".
  • Steven James: Placebo
    Find under post "Taking a . . . Placebo".
  • Mark Owen with Kevin Maurer: No Easy Day
    Find under post "No Easy Day".
  • Dee Henderson: Full Disclosure
    Find under post "Giving a . . . Full Disclosure".
  • Susan Meissner: The Girl in the Glass
    Find under post "Looking at . . . The Girl in the Glass".
  • Steven James: Opening Moves
    Find under post "Figuring out those . . . Opening Moves".
  • Jordyn Redwood: Proof
    Find under post "Living . . . Proof".
  • Cynthia Ruchti: They Almost Always Come Home
    Find under post "Thinking . . . They Almost Always Come Home".
  • Jonathan Cahn: The Harbinger
    Find under post "Be aware of . . . The Harbinger".
  • Lorena McCourtney: Dying to Read
    Find under post "Simply . . . Dying to Read".
  • Sibella Giorello: the stars shine bright
    Find under post "Hoping to see . . . the stars shine bright".
  • Chris Fabry: Not in the Heart
    Find under post "When it's . . . Not in the Heart".
  • Kirk Outerbridge: The Tenth Crusader
    Find under post "Remembering . . . The Tenth Crusader".
  • Todd M. Johnson: The Deposit Slip
    Find under post "Cashing in . . . The Deposit Slip".
  • Davis Bunn: Rare Earth
    Find under post "Discovering . . . Rare Earth".
  • J. Mark Bertrand: Nothing to Hide
    Find under post "With . . . Nothing to Hide".
  • Janice Thompson: The Director's Cut
    Find under post "Viewing . . . The Director's Cut".
  • Charles Martin: Chasing Fireflies
    Find under post "The hope in . . . Chasing Fireflies".
  • Joy Jordan-Lake: Blue Hole Back Home
    Find under post "Goin' to the . . . Blue Hole Back Home".
  • Becky Wade: My Stubborn Heart
    Find under post "The goodness in . . . My Stubborn Heart".
  • Dani Pettrey: Submerged
    Find under post "Submerged . . . in so many ways".
  • Dineen Miller: The Soul Saver
    Find under post "Only . . . The Soul Saver".
  • Ann Tatlock: Travelers Rest
    Find under post "Needing a . . . Travelers Rest".
  • Sue Duffy: The Sound of Red Returning
    Find under post "Hearing . . . The Sound of Red Returning".
  • Frank Peretti: Illusion
    Find under post "It's no . . . Illusion".
  • Robert Liparulo: The Thirteenth Tribe
    Find under post "Belonging to . . . The Thirteenth Tribe".
  • Bonnie S. Calhoun: Cooking the Books
    Find under post "Look out if you're . . . Cooking the Books".
  • DiAnn Mills: The Chase
    Find under post "Involved in . . . The Chase".
  • Mark Young: Off the Grid
    Find under post "Technologically . . . Off the Grid".
  • Vince Flynn: Kill Shot
    Find under post "Taking the . . . Kill Shot".
  • Karin Kaufman: The Witch Tree
    Find under post "Researching . . . The Witch Tree".
  • Lisa Wingate: Blue Moon Bay
    Find under post "A visit to . . . Blue Moon Bay".
  • Kristen Heitzmann: Indelible
    Find under post "Indelible . . . impressions".
  • Tim Downs: Nick of Time
    Find under post "Arriving in the . . . Nick of Time".
  • Kim Schaumburg: Her Last Race
    Find under post "Finishing . . . Her Last Race".
  • Mike Dellosso: Frantic
    Find under post "Feeling . . . Frantic".
  • Gina Holmes: Dry As Rain
    Find under post "Soaked in . . . Dry As Rain".
  • Dan Walsh: Remembering Christmas
    Find under post "A Christmas Novel: Remembering Christmas".
  • Sibella Giorello: the mountains bow down
    Find under post "When . . . the mountains bow down".
  • Davis Bunn: Book of Dreams
    Find under post "Interpreting the . . . Book of Dreams".
  • Jerry B. Jenkins: The Brotherhood, A Precinct 11 Novel
    Find under post "Linked to . . . The Brotherhood".
  • Kathy Herman: Dangerous Mercy
    Find under post "Accepting the . . . Dangerous Mercy".
  • Athol Dickson: The Opposite of Art
    Find under post "Finding . . . The Opposite of Art".
  • Brayden Hirsch: Shadow Catalyst
    Find under post "Forming the . . . Shadow Catalyst".
  • Steven James: The Queen
    Find under post "Chasing . . . The Queen".
  • Tess Gerritsen: Ice Cold
    Find under post "Really . . . Ice Cold".
  • Joel C. Rosenberg: The Last Jihad
    Find under post "What comes after . . . The Last Jihad".
  • Shawn Grady: Falls Like Lightning
    Find under post "When trouble . . . Falls Like Lightning".
  • Tom Clancy: Dead or Alive
    Find under post "Either . . . Dead or Alive".
  • J. Mark Bertrand: Pattern of Wounds
    Find under post "Recognizing the . . . Pattern of Wounds".
  • Robin Parrish: Vigilante
    Find under post "An amazing kind of . . . Vigilante".
  • Davis Bunn: Lion of Babylon
    Find under post "Naming the . . . Lion of Babylon".
  • K. M. Weiland: A Man Called Outlaw
    Find under post "Discovering . . . A Man Called Outlaw".
  • Eva Marie Everson: Chasing Sunsets
    Find under post "In the process of . . . Chasing Sunsets".
  • Travis Thrasher: Gun Lake
    Find under post "The shooting's great at . . . Gun Lake".
  • Lisa Samson: Resurrection in May
    Find under post "Pursuing the . . . Resurrection in May".
  • Brandilyn Collins: Over the Edge
    Find under post "Tipping . . . Over the Edge".
  • Bob Hamer: Targets Down
    Find under post "The satisfaction of . . . Targets Down".
  • Travis Thrasher: Sky Blue
    Find under post "Immersed in . . . Sky Blue".
  • Brian Haig: The Hunted
    Find under post "The fear of being . . . The Hunted".
  • Randy Singer: Fatal Convictions
    Find under post "All kinds of . . . Fatal Convictions".
  • Mark Mynheir: The Corruptible
    Find under post "Searching for . . . The Corruptible".
  • Ginny Yttrup: Words
    Find under post "The silence in . . . Words".
  • Greg Mitchell: The Strange Man
    Find under post "Introducing . . . The Strange Man".
  • Robin Caroll: In the Shadow of Evil
    Find under post "Dwelling . . . In the Shadow of Evil".
  • Nicole Baart: beneath the Night Tree
    Find under post "Waiting . . . beneath the Night Tree".
  • Irene Hannon: Fatal Judgment
    Find under post "Making a . . . Fatal Judgment".
  • Mike Duran: The Resurrection
    Find under post "Reacting to . . . The Resurrection".
  • Nancy Rue: The Reluctant Prophet
    Find under post "Called to be . . . The Reluctant Prophet".
  • Chris Fabry: Almost Heaven
    Find under post "In . . . Almost Heaven".
  • Dean Koontz: From the Corner of His Eye
    Find under post "Just a glimpse . . . From the Corner of His Eye".
  • Rusty Whitener: A Season of Miracles
    Find under post "Bittersweet enjoyment in . . . A Season of Miracles".
  • Vince Flynn: American Assassin
    Find under post "Becoming an . . . American Assassin".
  • Lynette Eason: Don't Look Back
    Find under post "When everything says . . . Don't Look Back".
  • Billy Coffey: Snow Day
    Find under post "Taking a . . . Snow Day".
  • Ted Dekker: Immanuel's Veins
    Find under post "The Life in . . . Immanuel's Veins".
  • Wanda Dyson: Judgment Day
    Find under post "Facing a . . . Judgment Day".
  • Julie Lessman: A Hope Undaunted
    Find under post "Hanging on to . . . A Hope Undaunted".
  • Brandt Dodson: White Soul
    Find under post "The Lure of . . . White Soul".
  • Erin Healy: Never Let You Go
    Find under post "Who will . . . Never Let You Go".
  • Tim Downs: Wonders Never Cease
    Find under post "Believe it: Wonders Never Cease".
  • Travis Thrasher: Admission
    Find under post "Seeking . . . Admission".
  • James Rubart: Rooms
    Find under post "Exploring the many . . . Rooms".
  • Travis Thrasher: Every Breath You Take
    Find under post "Living in the moment of . . . Every Breath You Take".
  • Don Brown: The Malacca Conspiracy
    Find under post "Aiming for destruction in . . . The Malacca Conspiracy".
  • Steven James: The Bishop
    Find under post "Immovable . . . The Bishop".
  • Ronie Kendig: Nightshade
    Find under post "The deadly . . . Nightshade".
  • Vince Flynn: Protect and Defend
    Find under post "Determined to . . . Protect and Defend".
  • J. Mark Bertrand: Back on Murder
    Find under post "Guess who's . . . Back on Murder".
  • Shawn Grady: Tomorrow We Die
    Find under post "Not knowing if . . . Tomorrow We Die".
  • Robin Parrish: Nightmare
    Find under post "A living . . . Nightmare".
  • Vince Flynn: Act of Treason
    Find under post "Committing an . . . Act of Treason".
  • Carla Stewart: Chasing Lilacs
    Find under the post "The scent of . . . Chasing Lilacs".
  • Vince Flynn: Consent to Kill
    Find under post "When given the . . . Consent to Kill".
  • Vince Flynn: Memorial Day
    Find under post "A private celebration of . . . Memorial Day".
  • Vince Flynn: Executive Power
    Find under post "With or without . . . Executive Power".
  • Mary E. DeMuth: Life in Defiance
    Find under post "Loss and triumph in . . . Life in Defiance".
  • Kristen Heitzmann: Indivisible
    Find under post "When love is . . . Indivisible".
  • Brandilyn Collins: Deceit
    Find under post "So much . . . Deceit".
  • Travis Thrasher: Broken
    Find under post "Twisted and . . . Broken".
  • Robert Liparulo: Frenzy
    Find under post "Absolute . . . Frenzy".
  • Eva Marie Everson: This Fine Life
    Find under post "Living . . . This Fine Life".
  • Julie Cave: Deadly Disclosures
    Find under post "The results of . . . Deadly Disclosures".
  • Gina Holmes: Crossing Oceans
    Find under post "Everyone faces . . . Crossing Oceans".
  • Mike Dellosso: Darlington Woods
    Find under post "Utter darkness in . . . Darlington Woods".
  • Vince Flynn: Separation of Power
    Find under post "Experiencing the . . . Separation of Power".
  • Irene Hannon: In Harm's Way
    Find under post "Unknowingly . . . In Harm's Way".
  • Vince Flynn: The Third Option
    Find under post "Using . . . The Third Option".
  • Lynette Eason: Too Close to Home
    Find under post "Way . . . Too Close to Home".
  • Sibella Giorello: The Clouds Roll Away
    Find under post "When . . . The Clouds Roll Away".
  • Vince Flynn: Transfer of Power
    Find under post "Complications with the . . . Transfer of Power".
  • Ronie Kendig: Dead Reckoning
    Find under post "Headed for a . . . Dead Reckoning".
  • Leanna Ellis: Once in a Blue Moon
    Find under post "It only happens . . . Once in a Blue Moon".
  • Vince Flynn: Term Limits
    Find under post "In favor of . . . Term Limits".
  • Jennifer AlLee: The Pastor's Wife
    Find under post "A different view of . . . The Pastor's Wife".
  • Mary E. DeMuth: Thin Places
    Find under post "Residing in . . . Thin Places".
  • Don Hoesel: Hunter's Moon
    Find under post "Under a . . . Hunter's Moon".
  • Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand: Beguiled
    Find under post "Nearly . . . Beguiled".
  • Sharon Gillenwater: Jenna's Cowboy
    Find under post "Sweet romance with . . . Jenna's Cowboy".
  • C. J. Darlington: Thicker than . . . Blood
    Find under post "A connection that's . . . Thicker than Blood".
  • Christina Berry: The Familiar Stranger
    Find under post "Meeting . . . The Familiar Stranger".
  • Robert Liparulo: Whirlwind
    Find under post "Caught in a . . . Whirlwind".
  • Debbie Fuller Thomas: Raising Rain
    Find under post "The foursome of . . . Raising Rain".
  • Russ White: Loss of Carrier
    Find under post "Especially for geeks: Loss of Carrier".
  • Athol Dickson: Lost Mission
    Find under post "Traveling on a . . . Lost Mission".
  • Kirk Outerbridge: Eternity Falls
    Find under post "Look out when . . . Eternity Falls".
  • Chris Fabry: June Bug
    Find under post "Fall in love with . . . June Bug".
  • Vince Flynn: Pursuit of Honor
    Find under post "In a noble . . . Pursuit of Honor".
  • Christa Parrish: Watch Over Me
    Find under post "Hoping to find someone to . . . Watch Over Me".
  • Terri Blackstock: Intervention
    Find under post "The last hope of . . . Intervention".
  • John Lynch, Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol: Bo's Cafe
    Find under post "Dining at . . . Bo's Cafe".
  • Mary E. DeMuth: A Slow Burn
    Find under post "Enveloped in . . . A Slow Burn".
  • Tim Downs: Ends of the Earth
    Find under post "And on to the . . . Ends of the Earth".
  • Irene Hannon: An Eye for an Eye
    Find under post "Vengeance sought in . . . An Eye for an Eye".
  • Jenny B. Jones: Just Between You and Me
    Find under post "It's never . . . Just Between You and Me".
  • James Scott Bell: Try Fear
    Find under post "Underneath it all . . . Try Fear".
  • Steven James: The Knight
    Find under post "And into . . . The Knight".
  • Sara Mills: Miss Match
    Find under post "Definitely not a . . . Miss Match".
  • Mark Mynheir: The Night Watchman
    Find under post "Not just . . . The Night Watchman".
  • Eva Marie Everson: Things Left Unspoken
    Find under post "Heartbreak in . . . Things Left Unspoken".
  • Robert Liparulo: Timescape
    Find under post "It's time for . . . Timescape".
  • Sara Mills: Miss Fortune
    Find under post "Find A Fortune in . . . Miss Fortune".
  • Stacy Hawkins Adams: Worth A Thousand Words
    Find under post, "An interesting picture . . . Worth A Thousand Words".
  • Shawn Grady: Through the Fire
    Find under post "When you walk . . . Through the Fire".
  • Tom Morrisey: Pirate Hunter
    Find under post "Aarrgghh! Pirate Hunter".
  • Adam Blumer: Fatal Illusions
    Find under post "Can you see them? . . . Fatal Illusions
  • Brandilyn Collins: Exposure
    Find under post "Well hidden . . . Exposure".
  • Don Piper with Cec Murphey: 90 Minutes in Heaven
    Find under post "When you die . . . ".
  • Ken Cooper: Held Hostage, A Serial Bank Robber's Road to Redemption
    Find under "The Real Hostage".
  • Travis Thrasher: Ghostwriter
    Find under "Never ever use a . . . Ghostwriter".
  • Mike Dellosso: Scream
    Find under post "Pray you never hear the . . . Scream".
  • Tina Ann Forkner: Rose House
    Find under post "A trip to . . . Rose House".
  • Mark Andrew Olsen: Ulterior Motives
    Find under post "So many . . . Ulterior Motives".
  • Paul Robertson: According to their Deeds
    Find under post "According to their Deeds".
  • Ted Dekker: BoneMan's Daughters
    Find under post, **CFBA Weekend Tour**.
  • Davis Bunn: My Soul to Keep
    Find under post "I pray the Lord . . . My Soul to Keep".
  • Robert Liparulo: Deadlock
    Find under post "In a definite . . . Deadlock".
  • Harry Kraus, MD: Salty Like Blood
    Find under post "Tasting . . . Salty Like Blood".
  • Harper Lee: To Kill A Mockingbird
    Find under post "Tuesday Thoughts".
  • Sibella Giorello: The Rivers Run Dry
    Find under post "After The Stones Cry Out comes The Rivers Run Dry".
  • Lisa Samson: The Passion of Mary-Margaret
    Find under post "Great Passion: The Passion of Mary-Margaret".
  • Bill Myers: Angel of Wrath
    Find under post "Angel of Wrath".
  • Bill Myers: The Voice
    Find under post "Double Whammy".
  • Mary DeMuth: Daisy Chain
    Find under post "Getting to know . . . Daisy Chain".
  • Rachel Keener: The Killing Tree
    Find under post, "The Killing Tree . . . or a tree of life . . . ?".
  • Irene Hannon: Against All Odds
    Find under post "Right on target: Against All Odds".
  • Lisa Wingate: Word Gets Around
    Find under post "Word Gets Around . . . but not with this title."
  • Robert Liparulo: Gatekeepers
    Find under post, "Book Three in the Dreamhouse Kings Series: Gatekeepers".
  • Tosca Lee: Havah, The Story of Eve
    Will find under post "On reading . . . Havah".
  • Susan Meissner: The Shape of Mercy
    Find under post "What is . . . The Shape of Mercy . . .?
  • Ted Dekker/Erin Healy: Kiss
    Find under post "A kiss is just a . . . Kiss".
  • Brandilyn Collins: dark pursuit
    Find under post "In . . . dark pursuit".
  • Paul Robertson: Road to Nowhere
    Find under post "Road to Nowhere . . . finally gets there."
  • David Athey: Danny Gospel
    Find under post "The abnormal journey of . . . Danny Gospel".
  • Tim Downs: less than DEad
    Find under post "less than DEad . . . is very much alive."
  • Sibella Giorello: The Stones Cry Out
    Find under post: If we don't . . . The Stones Cry Out.
  • Chris Coppernoll: A Beautiful Fall
    Find under post "A Beautiful Fall . . . is not."
  • James David Jordan: Forsaken
    Find under post "Who is . . . Forsaken?"
  • Bill Barton and Henry O. Arnold: Hometown Favorite
    Find under post: Hometown Favorite . . . takes a dive.
  • Steven James: The Rook
    Find under post "After The Pawn . . . The Rook".
  • Travis Thrasher: Isolation
    Find under post "Self-imposed . . . Isolation".
  • Claudia Mair Burney: Wounded . . . a love story
    Find under post "Wounded (in so many ways) . . . a love story.
  • Paul Robertson: The Heir
    Find under post "The (unlikely) Heir.
  • Robert Whitlow: Deeper Water
    Find under post "Into . . . Deeper Water".
  • Randy Singer: By Reason of Insanity
    Find under post "Is it . . . By Reason of Insanity . . . ?
  • James Scott Bell: Try Dying
    Find under post "Try Dying . . . or try not to!"
  • Davis Bunn: All Through the Night
    Find under post "All Through the Night . . . and into the morning.
  • Chris Fabry: Dogwood
    Find under post: "At a loss in . . . Dogwood"
  • William P. Young: The Shack
    Find it under the post "My visit to . . . The Shack"
  • James Scott Bell: Try Darkness
    Find under the post: "Try Darkness . . . if you dare."
  • Don Brown: Black Sea Affair
    Find under post "Black Sea Affair . . . a military thriller!"
  • Tom Morrisey: Wind River
    Find under post "Wind River . . . escape to forgiveness."
  • Kristen Heitzmann: The Edge of Recall
    Find under post "The Edge of Recall . . . and back."
  • Claudia Mair Burney: Zora and Nicky
    Find under post "Zora and Nicky . . . and You and Me".
  • Harry Kraus, M.D.: Perfect
    Find under the post "Not so Perfect after all . . ."
  • Austin Boyd: The Evidence, The Proof, The Return
    Find under post "Another 'No Review'".
  • Randy Alcorn: Deception
    Find under post "No Review".
  • Tricia Goyer: My Life Unscripted
    Find under post "Blog Tour for My Life Unscripted".
  • Creston Mapes: Nobody
    Find under post "Are you a Nobody?".
  • Robert Liparulo: Deadfall
    Find under post "The Dead Do Fall in Deadfall!".
  • Matthew Raley: Fallen
    Find under post "On Being Fallen".
  • Michael Snyder: My Name Is Russell Fink
    Find under post "If your name is Russell Fink".
  • Tosca Lee: Demon . . . a memoir
    Find under post "Warning to the Human Race . . . via Demon . . . a memoir".
  • Steven James: The Pawn
    Find under post "Sacrificing . . . The Pawn".
  • Tim Downs: First the Dead
    Find under post "First . . . the living or the Dead?".
  • Ted Dekker: Adam
    Find under the post "Adam . . . or Eve".
  • Susan D. Hill: Closer Than Your Skin
    Find under post "Let Closer Than Your Skin get under yours . . .".
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February 03, 2011


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This is among the great list of rules to be aware of but not bound to and obsessed over. Just as prologues, when well done are perfectly fine, so is using more than one POV in a scene, having lots of characters in your book and even using omniscient voice.

Yes, if those things are done badly, a book will be a mess. But you can write a book with no prologue, one POV, and only three characters in the entire book, and still write badly.

RE: Prologues--I especially don't understand the notion that "people don't read prologues." Then um...why buy the book if you're not going to read it? Maybe this comes from my background of being raised in a family with very little money. I can't afford to waste my dollars like that.

Brenda Anderson

Nicole, as a reader, that's another one of those "rules" that completely baffle me.

Why would someone not read a prologue? Isn't that an integral part of the story? Don't the same rules apply to a prologue that apply to the first chapter? The important thing is to hook the reader then keep them interested.


You said it all so well, Brenda. Common sense.

What's the deal with setting prologues up as a negative? And most of the POV issues are trends, not steadfast rules. If some of the "classics" attended to all these rules, they wouldn't be classics. Mostly the rules have become a double-standard issue. It depends on who follows them whether or not they're "acceptable".


Brenda A., I totally agree. Right on.


I love prologues except when they're called prologues. It should be noted that I have a "get to the point" personality.

The X-files prologues were great and I like to do the same with my novels.

I think the problem for many is that they've been bit too many times by bad prologues. Prologues that delay the actual story and don't lend to the atmosphere or power of the story.

Then its kinda like putting out a nice steak for someone and then pulling it back and telling them they have to eat this rice cake first


"I think the problem for many is that they've been bit too many times by bad prologues. Prologues that delay the actual story and don't lend to the atmosphere or power of the story."

You make a good point, Dayle.

"Then its kinda like putting out a nice steak for someone and then pulling it back and telling them they have to eat this rice cake first."

Love this!


I'm a prologue skipper. I admit it. Actually, I'll glance at the first sentence or two...if it reads like fiction, or if it catches my interest in some other way, I'll give it a go. If it reads like a history lesson written in pseudo-archaic-vaguely-Biblical language, or it it seems too unlike the synopsis, then it's off to Chapter One. When I read fiction, I'm looking for a story...and too often it's not until Chapter One that the story actually starts.

This is not just because of bad prologues; good ones have put me off, too. You know, the ones who introduce an interesting character who I'm immediately drawn to who's caught up in an interesting situation...who then drops out of the story, never to be seen again? Or sometimes they get horribly killed or tortured to show you how bad the villain is, but the main character isn't half so interesting as they were, so I just never get into the story enough to care about what's happening to anyone else.

You know what the very existence of a prologue says to me? It says, "Don't get too involved yet, because when this little bit is over, everything's going to change again and a whole different story begins." So, fine - I won't get involved. I'll just skip forward and read the stuff I CAN get involved with.

And you know what? In years of skipping prologues, I've only regretted the practice once or twice. Most of the time there really wasn't anything crucial to the story in there after all.

My best advice for those who want to prologue is: Make it as interesting as any first chapter, and then make sure your first chapter is just as interesting as the prologue. In essence, you're asking someone to begin your novel twice; so either make it effortless, or make sure what follows is worth the effort.


Ooh, you're tough company. ;) I think some prologues should be chapter ones. They're too long, they eliminate characters as you said, or they seem to be unrelated to the main story. But I don't think blanket condemnations of them work either because it's a stylistic device that can serve a good purpose when done well.

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